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Bendy and the Ink Machine Ch. 2 Analysis

Note: Sorry that I'm not very active on this blog! I'm still in high school, and I have to work on homework, which usually takes up most of my time. Since school is coming to its conclusion for the summer... Continue Reading →



There are many times when I've imagined different scenarios in my head. Like what it would be like to be a different person for a day, being able to see how they think or act. Or what would happen if... Continue Reading →

Bendy and the Ink Machine Ch. 1 (Thoughts and Theories)

Since Chapter 2 just came out a few days ago, I thought I'd take the time to share my thoughts about the first two chapters of Bendy and the Ink Machine. (This post will only be about Chapter 1 only.)... Continue Reading →

How Fandoms Has Affected My Life

I never realized that people can find other people that share common interests in books, tv shows, cartoons, anime, podcasts, etc. on the Internet. I was always a shy person in real life. My life, in general, is very boring,... Continue Reading →

Where is Hiveswap???

On my first post on this blog, I mentioned a video game supposedly coming out on January 2017 called Hiveswap. I talked about where on the timeline it originated, the hype I had for it, and my predictions for the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Night Vale: The First Podcast I Ever Listened To

It is a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep...Welcome to Night Vale... Where to begin with this? Welcome to Night Vale is a... Continue Reading →

Vriska Serket

Note: As almost every single post has mentioned, this post will probably contain spoilers. This character comes from the webcomic Homestuck, which is written by Andrew Hussie. I won't cover the main plot in this post, so if you want... Continue Reading →

The Early Release of Stevenbomb 5

This article probably should be avoided because since these episodes were released weeks early, so if you are a hardcore SU fan that wants to watch the episodes when it airs, my suggestion is to not even approach this article.... Continue Reading →


Warning: This will probably contain a bunch of spoilers, so if you want to play the game yourself, you probably shouldn't be reading this. Tbh, all my posts have had warnings about spoilers. Flowey is probably one of the most... Continue Reading →

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